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Frequent Asked Questions

Is it safe for adults to do gymnastics?
  • That's what this program is all about. SAFETY IS THE MAIN PRIORITY IN THIS CLASS!

  • Every skills are carefully taught with detailed instructions and drills station set up to ensure student learn with a good understanding of that skill.

  • Students will be physically and mentally prepared as they progress to the next level of drills or skill sets.

Who is suitable  & what are the basic requirements?
  • My Adult Gymnastics Program is for individuals who have never tumbled or anyone who has not make progress in their tumbling practice. My program provides a safe environment with individualized attention  and customized training drills to ensure that participants built confidence and achieve skills beyond their imagination.

  • The only requirements are that you are open to challenging yourself and listen carefully to instruction. You’re going to attempt new activities, so you’ll have to put faith in your body’s ability to move in new ways. That said, you’ll be completely safe if you heed your body and your instructor.

What is the age limit and attire?
  • This class is designed for ages from 13 and above. Anyone above 50 and are not physical fit or active may just need to pick it up at a slower pace.

  • Recommended to wear Fitting tops and thigh length bottoms.

  • No shoes or socks required.

Can I also attend or do make up classes with Alpha Gym's Adult class?
  • Adult Gymnastics with Coach How is a privately run class in Alpha Gym

  • It is not affiliated with Alpha Gym directly.

  • You may only attend or make up classes only on the days and timing where Coach How's classes are running.

What's is the difference of your class from other adult classes?
  • Coach How has been coaching adult gymnastics since 18 years old till today and has acquired more than a decade of experience in helping adults to achieve skills beyond their believe. It is difficult to describe what's  the difference.

  • Sign up for a trial session and  experience his coaching and you may find out the difference.

Age is not our limit


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