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Hi, I am Coach How,

I have been coaching adults since 2006 in Prime Gymnastics as an assistant coach. In 2008, I took over as the main coach for adult classes. Since then, I have not stopped learning and exploring effective ways to help adults achieve their skills regardless of age and experience.

It is important for an adult to understand and cultivate good gymnastics fundamentals right from the beginning of learning. In this way, their learning journey will be a smooth and safe adventure, as safety is a priority in my class.


I customizes my coaching techniques to suit individual student's strengths and weaknesses. In this way, It will be easier for the student to pick up that skill. There's no one method that fits all.


95% of my adult students come with no previous gymnastics experience and they are now achieving gymnastics skills that are out of the ordinary. Numerous students have achieved skills they never thought they could and some even became coaches.


Start your gymnastics journey now and learn the secret of doing gymnastics regardless of your age! You will be surprised that with Safe, Precise and Effective Techniques, you will achieve skills you never thought you could and much more!

Come as you are, you can truly experience FLYING WITHOUT WINGS...

Age is not our limit


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