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Warm up & Stretching
  • Class starts off with dynamic running, jumping and skipping exercises to warm up the body.

  • Full body stretching will follow with a focus on increasing flexibility and mobility to make sure all muscles and joints are ready for performance.

Handstand Practice
  • Handstand is an essential skill in gymnastics to strengthen and balance in the correct posture.

  • A series of progression from kick to straight handstand, handstand press up, handstand walk, handstand turn and back extension is available for learners of different levels.

Floor Basic Line Work
  • Work in lines to practise a variety of skills that will increase body awareness to acquire more advanced gymnastics skills on the floor.

  • Line work includes fundamentals such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs.

Drills and Skills
  • Many gymnastics skills involve flight and inversion. Through effective drills, the body learns to understand the required form and develops power to execute the moves.

  • Students will practise both front and back tumbling skills such as front tuck, front handspring, fly spring, layout, back tuck and back handspring. More advanced students will progress to connecting passes and twisting moves.

Strength Conditioning
  • Gymnastics conditioning strengthens specific muscle groups in fun and exciting ways.

  • With exercises that emphasize on a range of functional movements, they improve control in skills and decrease the potential of injury.

Cool Down Stretching
  • Cool down will aid recovery and reduce stiffness in the muscle fibres after a gymnastics session.

  • Partner stretching for the shoulders is a staple at the end of every class.

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